Best Solar Pool Cover 2020

If you own a pool then you may also like to have tempered water. However, using electricity for tempering your pool water can be very costly. There may be increased electricity cost every month. In order to overcome this challenge, a most economical way of tempering your pool water is using a Solar Pool cover.

There are lots of options of solar covers available in the market. In order to make your process simpler, I have decided to share a list of Best Solar Pool covers 2020 with you. These solar pool covers will help you to keep pool water warm and saves consumption of electricity.

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The Best Solar Pool Covers 2020

1- Intex 15ft Solar Pool Cover

Intex is one of the most popular and trusted brands that makes air furniture, boats, and airbeds and above ground pool items that are of top quality. The Intex 15ft is a solar blanket that covers your pool and retains the heat for longer period of time. It is designed for above ground pools. It is a perfect alternative for people who don’t want to spend hefty amount on pool heating system.

The Intex 15ft Solar pool cover can reduce the evaporation of water up to 95% that helps to maintain the temperature and saves the water at the same time. These covers can also help to keep the dirt and debris out of the pool. Whenever you are not using the pool, make sure that you store the cover away from the direct sunlight.

2- Sun2Solar Blue 16-Foot Round Solar Pool Cover

Sun2Solar is another amazing solar pool cover that transforms the sun’s heat energy to heat your pool. It is made up of film of thousands of tiny bubbles that work together to retain the heat. The clear color of this cover helps the UV rays to penetrate deeper into your pool that helps to keep your pool warm.

It prevents the evaporation of water up to 95% that helps in saving water to a larger extent. The amazing thing about Sun2Solar cover is that it can be trimmed to any size. You may trim it as per the shape of your pool; however, make sure that it is designed for 16 foot round shape pools. You need to install it on your pool by making sure that tiny bubbles are facing down the pool to get maximum efficiency.

3- Blue Wave NS110 Solar Pool Cover

Blue Wave NS110 is 1 ft round solar pool cover that is made up of tiny bubbles that retain the heat. It has insulating thermal cells that help to keep the water warm in cloudy or cold weather. It is one of the durable pool cover that is made up of UV-protected polymer which makes it deterioration resistant caused by UV rays or pool chemicals.

Blue Wave NS110 pool cover can help you to raise the temperature of your pool up to 15 degrees Fahrenheit. It also helps to reduce the water evaporation up to 95% which will save water and money both. NS110 comes with a 3 years manufacturing warranty.

4- In The Swim Rectangle Swimming Pool Blanket

In The Swim is a famous brands that manufacture all type of tools, accessories, and equipment for pools. They also have a 12 mil thick solar pool cover that helps to keep your pool warm. It can easily raise the temperature of your pool up to 8-10 degrees in approximately 5-7 days of consistent sunlight.

It also reduces the water evaporation up to 95% saving your money and water both. In The Swim Rectangle Swimming Pool blanket is made up of UV-stabilized resin that performs excellent in solar radiation helping your pool to stay warm. It is pretty durable cover that can pass the test of time.

Although, it is a rectangle pool cover, you may trim it to fit any shape pool. It comes with 7 year’s manufacturing warranty.

5- Blue Wave NS520

NS520 is another solar pool cover by Blue Wave on our list. It is a 15 ml thick solar pool cover that can easily raise the temperature of your pool up to 15 degrees Fahrenheit. NS520 is designed for in ground rectangle pools. It has insulating thermal bubbles that ensure amazing heating and prevent the evaporation.

It is extremely durable and designed to withstand the deterioration that may be caused by ultraviolet rays and chemicals. However, it is not designed withstand winter temperature.

6- Thermo-Tex 2831632

Thermo-Tex 231632 is another solar pool cover that helps to keep your pool warm. It is made up of high quality UV stabilized polymers that help in resisting degradation caused by sunlight or pool chemical.  Thermo-Tex 231632 is very light weight cover which makes it pretty easy to put it on and off.

It is mainly intended to be used on rectangle shape pools.

7- Thermo-Tex 2831224

Thermo-Tex 2831224 is another amazing solar pool cover which is rectangle in shape. It is also made up of high quality, UV stabilized polymers which makes it degradation resistant caused by sun and pool chemicals.

Like any other pool cover, it also uses small tiny bubbles to retain the heat and make your pool warmer. It is extremely lightweight and it is pretty easy to put that cover on and off.

8- Robelle Heavy Duty Solar Pool Cover

Robelle Heavy Duty Solar Pool cover helps you to raise the temperature of your pool by 10 degrees. It is designed by two colors blue surface and grey-aluminum underside that offers optimal performance. It also features small bubbles that go down and retain the heat and transfer it inside the pool.

It is made up of heavy duty UV-resistant material thus increasing the life of this cover. Robelle comes with 10 years of warranty.

9- Crystal Blue Solar Pool Cover

Crystal Blue solar pool cover is designed for the big pools which has unique diamond shape bubbles. These bubbles retain the heat and transfer deep into the pool hence maintaining the overall temperature of your pool.

It can cut the evaporation of water up to 90% saving water and pool chemical at larger extent. The cover features two colors blue on the top and grey-aluminum at the bottom providing optimal heat performance.

10- Intex Solar Rectangle Cover

This is another solar pool cover designed for rectangle pool. Like other pool covers, it features air bubbles that absorb heat and transfer heat into the pool. It reduces the evaporation of water and chemical up to 95%. The cover also helps to keep the debris out of the pool.

Intex Solar Rectangle cover can be used for both on above-ground or in ground pools. The intex pool cover is made up of 160-micron material making it durable.

It comes with a carrying bag. Intex gives 30 days return policy which is a sweet deal to check its performance.

How to Choose a Solar Pool Cover – Buyer’s Guide

It may seem pretty easy to buy a solar pool cover. However, you don’t want to buy the wrong cover for different conditions. Therefore, I am sharing this Solar Pool cover buyer’s guide for you.

Shape and Size of Pool

The first basic thing that you need to consider while buying a solar pool cover is the shape and size of your pool. You need to make sure that cover fits your pool. Standard shapes are rectangle, round, oval and kidney-shaped swimming pools. You need to simple maths to see if particular cover may fit your pool or not. For example; a 15 ft cover can easily fit a 10 ft pool by trimming whereas buying a 10 ft cocer may be too short for trimming.

Thickness of the Cover

There are covers available in various thickness measures. The covers that are thicker provide greater heat retention as compared to others. It is also suggested that thicker covers last longer as compared to others. The ideal thicknesses are 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16 mils and the most popular one is 12 mils.


Color is another most important factor that you need to consider while buying a solar pool cover. Some of the covers are transparent which helps to transfer light and energy pretty easily that makes the water warmer pretty fast.

The drawback of transparent cover is that it does not retain heat for a longer period of time thus fails to maintain ideal temperature. Moreover, it let all UV rays transfer through them which also result in loss of chemicals.

Other color options that are available called light blue or a dark blue solar pool cover. The light blue will let the heat pass pretty fast and keeps the UV rays out reducing the chemical loss; however, it may block some of the heat as well.

The Dark blue are the best one to trap the heat inside; however, it may gain low heat as compared to other due to its dark color.

Overall, Transparent are best for trapping the heat and dark blues are best in maintaining the heat inside the pool.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Solar Pool Cover works?

There may be some of you who might be thinking that how does a solar Pool cover works. Your pool is normally in contact with direct sunlight which causes the water and chemical to evaporate. In such case, pool covers work as a barrier to prevent that. Moreover, the solar covers absorb the heat from the sun and transfer deep into your pool which maintains the overall temperature of your pool without the loss of water or chemical.

Do Solar Pool Cover heat the water?

Yes, it does heat the water. It basically takes the energy from sun and transfer and maintain it into the pool with the help of tiny bubbles.

How fast it can heat the Pool?

It entirely depends upon the size of the pool and quality of cover you are using. If you are using transparent covers then your pool may be heated fast as compared to colored ones. Moreover, it also depends on the environment you live in and weather conditions.

Which color solar pool cover should I buy?

It entirely depends on the needs and your requirements. Transparent covers are best when it comes to heating whereas dark color covers are best when it comes to heat retention. The light blue color fall in between both extremes making them a popular choice.

Do Solar Pool Covers cause Algae?

The pools where there are green coloration then there will be high level of algae. Algae normally grow in low chlorine level, warm water and in the presence of phosphates. You can’t give up on warm water so you need to focus on chlorination of water to overcome it.

Can we recycle Pool Covers?

Yes, most of the solar pool covers are made up of low-density polymers which make them a great recycling choice.


This was my list of Best Solar Pool covers 2020 where I have shared a detailed buyer’s guide with you. I am sure you must have picked one for yourself. If you want to share your experience of using any of the above covers then feel free to comment down below. I have tried to share both pros and cons of each product so that you can make a sound judgment based on our reviews.

Don’t forget to share this solar Pool covers buyer’s guide with your friends and family as some of them may be looking for the same.