Best Above Ground Robotic Pool Cleaners 2020

Robotic Pool Cleaners are one of the greatest inventions that help you to clean your pools with minimal efforts. Most of the pool cleaners are fully automatic and require minimal human intervention for using it. They are surely better than suction or pressure pool cleaners. Today, we are going to share some of the Best above ground robotic pool cleaners for you.

I have gathered some of the Pool cleaners for Above ground pools that have great features, specs and come in pretty reasonable pricing. Having a Robotic Pool Cleaner for above ground pool can save a lot of your time and energy; as, it is very hard to clean an above ground pool manually.

The Best Above Ground Robotic Pool Cleaners 2020

1- Dolphin Escape Robotic Above Ground Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Escape Robotic Above ground pool cleaner provides excellent performance in a pretty low price. It comes with in charge oversized debris cartridge that can easily holds 60% of more debris as compared to others. It helps to clean both macro and micro debris while cleaning the pool.

Escape comes with Hyperbrush Dual scrubbing brushes that helps to scrub away difficult to remove stains and contaminants. As far the power consumption is concerned, it comes with low voltage DC motors that operates on 90% less power as compared to old fashioned pool cleaners.

The Dolphin Escape uses the smart navigation and scanning software that is based on advanced computer algorithms helping to clean your pool completely. It has a smart ability to sense walls, ladders and drains which helps the robot to completely clean your pool without hinderances.

2- Dolphin E10 Above Ground Automatic Pool Cleaner

E10 is another automatic robotic above ground pool cleaner by Dolphin on our list. It is a perfect pool cleaners for pools up to 30 feet. It takes only 1.5 hour to clean your pool completely. It is so efficiently designed that it helps to clean your pool without much operator intervention. E10 comes with superior filtering and floor scrubbing capabilities that take care of every small debris in your pool.

Dolphin E10 uses smart technology that saves a lot on energy consumption. As per the company, it cost you only 5 cents per hour which is a pretty decent deal. You don’t need booster pump, extra hoses, or additional setup for cleaning your pools as it is just plug & play. It has a quick water release feature which makes it easy to remove from the pool.

3- Aquabot Pool Rover Hybrid Robotic Pool Cleaner

Aquabot Above Pool Robotic Pool cleaner is an optimal choice for 24 foot diameter pool that can be cleaned under an hour. It is designed in such a way that it can clean macro and micro debris very efficiently. It has 19-quart micro filter bag to deal with tiny particles.

Pool Rover comes with a guidance system that helps it to clean the above ground pool very easily. It is very low maintenance automatic pool cleaner that doesn’t cost you any annual maintenance. It is a fully automatic pool cleaner that doesn’t require supervision for cleaning the pool. In the package, it includes; pool cleaner, floating cable, power supply, operator manual, and additional floatation.


Pool Rover S2 by Aquabot is designed for all pool shapes and surfaces up to 40-feet above ground pools. It also cleans the pool floors and partial wall. Rover S2 can clean the smallest particles as well with the help of its micro-filter system.

Rover S2 helps you save water or backwashing as the debris are self-contained in the unit. It also saves you total chemical usage due to its better water circulation and amazing filtration system. It goes through extensive testing for both safety and performance. It is approved by national independant organisation ETL for compliance.

Pool Rover S2 comes with exclusive hydro-robotic technology that propels the cleaner with the help of powerful force of water thus reducing the reliance on external power resulting in saving energy. It is fully automatic cleaner that does not require you to actively operate it. It has stronger pumps which can filter up to 80+ gallons per minute.

5- Hayward W3RC9740CUB SharkVac Robotic Pool Vacuum 

Hayward SharkVac is a Robotic Pool vacuum or cleaner that can clean the floor and coves of pool. It is built with premium quality components and technology that create reliable, consistent results while consuming very less energy. It uses smart steering technology that efficiently cleans the pool under just 2 hours.

It is very easy to operate as it does not require hoses, hookups or extra pumps to start the operation. SharkVac runs separately from pool filteration system that helps in reducing the backwash frequency that saves both water and money. Its easy to remove top-access filter comes with two-fine porosity filter elements that makes it easy to clean.

6- Aquabot ABREEZ4 Robotic Pool Cleaner for Above-Ground

ABREEZ4 is designed for all pool shapes and surfaces up to 50-feet. It comes with agitating brushes that helps in loosen the dirt and debris thus helping in deeper cleaning. It has two top access easy view, large debris baskets that are pretty easy to clean and empty. ABREEZE4 can easily climb the wall or wall cove.

ABREEZ4 can help you save water and backwashing as all the debris are self-contained in a unit. It comes with better water circulation and excellent filtration system which helps to save up to 30% chemical usage. This Pool cleaner goes under extensive testing for performance and safety.

It has power washing jets that utilise the power of filtered water to power wash pool surfaces. The Power Washing Jets channel streams of clean water at the pool surfaces to scrub hard to reach areas where standard brushes can’t reach thus helping to lift fine dirt. It is fully automatic pool cleaner that doesn’t require the operator to intervene for operating. It has one of the industry’s best suction that cleans all the debris very efficiently.

Robotic Cleaners for Above Ground Pools Buyer’s Guide

There are certain things that you need to consider while buying a robotic Cleaner for above ground pools that I am discussing here. You may go through this simple buying guide and then decide which Above-ground pool cleaner you need to get for yourself.

Pool Size and Shape

The first thing that you need to consider is the pool size and shape. Usually, robotic pool cleaners can navigate through any pool shape; however, pool size is important.

You need to measure your pool and buy the cleaner that can tackle your pool easily. Normally, an above-ground pool cleaner can easily clean the 30 feet long pool and some can clean up to 50 feet pools.


Another thing to consider is the weight of your robotic cleaner. I would recommend you to choose the robotic pool cleaner that is low in weight as a higher weight cleaner could be difficult to handle.

You may choose Aquabot Rover which weighs only 10lbs or Dolphin Escape which weighs around 13.8lbs.

Smart Navigation

There are lots of pool cleaners that come with smart navigation or smart steering system which helps them to scan the pool and navigate accordingly. If your pool does not have that they forget buying as it would require lot of human intervention for cleaning the pool. Therefore, always buy robotic pool cleaner for above-ground pools with smart navigation.


Another feature that you need to look into your cleaner and that is a top-loading filter basket. The top-loading filter basket are easy to access and doesn’t require you to the cleaner over. You can easily remove that basket and clean it.

However, a cleaner with top-loading filter basket may require you some extra bucks. Therefore, if you are tight on budget then bottom-loading debris bag can also work pretty well. Although, A bottom-loading debris bag will require some extra time to clean and empty it.

Scrubbing Brushes

Scrubbing Brushes helps to clean your pool completely as vacuuming is not enough to remove the grime out of your pool. It looses the dirt and algae stuck on the surface which is then cleaned by the cleaner. The budget on-ground robotic pool cleaners have one brush whereas the premium one have two.

Swivel Cable

Always look for the kink-free cable robotic pool cleaner as you don’t want to spend your whole day just untangling the cable after every cleaning.


Price is one of the most crucial thing that you need to consider while selecting your pool cleaner. So decide a budget and then take account for few extra expenses and then narrow-down on the cleaner you want to buy. I have listed some of the best pool cleaners above that are budget-friendly and provide utmost value to money.

Advantages of Using a Robotic Pool Cleaner for Above-Ground Pool

There are few advantages of using a robotic Pool cleaner for Above-ground that I have discussed in this post.

Saves Time

Since, a Robotic Pool cleaner is fully automatic and cleans the pool on its own at larger extent which in-turn saves a lot of time and efforts. It comes with smart navigation system that cleans each and every corner of your pool on its own.

Saves Money

A traditional pool pump-driven cleaner require additional parts to be installed to work efficient and those parts are pretty expensive.

Whereas, a robotic pool cleaner is ready to use and does not require you to install any hose, or any other part to make it functional. Its just plug and play. Moreover, the modernday robotic pool cleaners are energy-efficient that saves a lot of money on your electricity bill.

Perfect Cleaning

Since, robotic pool cleaner uses smart technology and smart navigation system that helps it to clean the pools thoroughly. It cleans each and every corner of the pool and does not leave even a micro debris.


Q. How are above-ground robotic pool cleaners different from others?

A. The above-ground robotic pool cleaners are smaller in size and comes with shorter floating cable which makes them different from cleaners of other pool types. They are mostly used to clean the floor, cover and lower wall of the pool. Moreover, they comes with smaller filter bag.

Q. How often a pool should be cleaned?

A. It entirely depends on the usage. If you frequently use the pool and it gets dirty more often then you should clean them accordingly. I would recommend you to clean the pool once a week.

Q. How to use robotic cleaner on above-ground pools?

A. Robot pool cleaners for above ground pools are plug-and-play which means you just plug in your cleaner and then dunk the robot into the water for cleaning.

Q. How are robotic pool cleaners different from Suction cleaners?

A. A robotic pool cleaner uses electricity to run and independent of pool filter system. It has its own drive system and filters. They are highly efficient and uses minimal electricity.

Whereas, the suction cleaners are dependant on pool pump. It uses the power of water being sucked out of the pool and then vacuuming the dirt. It relies on pool filters for catching debris.

Q. What is Filtration rate?

A. It is a key metric that affects the water quality after the job is completed. A good benchmark for swimming pools would be a 70 to 75 gallons per minute.

Final Words – Dolphin Escape

This was my guide on best pool cleaners for above-ground pool cleaners and among all Dolphin Escape is the best.

Dolphin Escape above-ground pool cleaners is one of the best cleaners that delivers excellent performance. It comes with Hyperbrush dual scrubbing brushes that remove the tough contaminants very easily. Overall, It is one of the great cleaners that you should get for yourself.